1. Trust design service

We established IT Sub Company in Hanoi, Vietnam. And we will provide the offshore trust design service that can maximize cost-effectiveness in the design development to the customer.

  • Support two trust service forms (Offshore development and Engineer dispatch)We support two trust service forms: “Offshore development” that does customer’s requirement in Vietnam and “Engineer dispatch” that does tasks on customer site.
  • Apply the lowest cost also for the highest quality engineerOffshore development unit price: 300.000 yen/man/monthEngineer dispatch unit price: 500.000 yen/man/month
  • Applistar’s coordinator is Japanese, can contact, discuss directly and create requirements.We will estimate by “Free of charge”, so please feel free to inquire.
  • After pledging the trust service contract, the coordinator will support the each stage of work until complete the delivery according to the customer’s demand.We are good in SystemC/HDL design from SOC/FPGA specification based on technological accumulation, hardware/software cooperated verification environment construction, verification service, daughter card development, FPGA mapping and built-in system software development. Otherwise, we are also developing portable application for iPhone, Android.
  • Adopting local engineers good at English, can directly communication with customer by English.We will use IT tool such as Skype, WEB project management in addition to the weekly progress report etc., and secure smooth communications with customers.
  • We can receive documents related to the specification for which the customer created in Japanese .We  employed a Japanese, English bilingual staff  in the locale, and she can translate that documents into English.
  • Local engineers is acquiring the system development technology using UML, securing the quality  by persisting in the development review by the UML mark from the requirements analysis in the each stage of work over the design, mounting, and the test.
2. Import and sale large-scale FPGA boards

We import and sale PCI board equipped with large-scale FPGA of The Dini Group. It is possible to use as ASIC emulator.

3. Import and sale EDA software

We have deep experience and knowledge of  software tools related to EDA. We started sale high efficient Verilog simulator SuperFin of SimFintronic USA, Inc.