1. Trust design service

We established IT Sub Company in Hanoi, Vietnam. In addition, we will provide the offshore trust design service that can maximize cost-effectiveness in the design development to the customer.

  • Support two trust service forms (Offshore development and Engineer dispatch) We support two trust service forms: “Offshore development” that does customer’s requirement in Vietnam and “Engineer dispatch” that does tasks on customer site.
  • Apply the lowest cost also for the highest quality engineer Offshore development unit price: 300.000 yen/man/month Engineer dispatch unit price: 500.000 yen/man/month
  • Applistar’s coordinator is Japanese, can contact, discuss directly and create requirements. We will estimate by “Free of charge”, so please feel free to inquire.
  • After pledging the trust service contract, the coordinator will support the each stage of work until complete the delivery according to the customer’s demand. We are good in SystemC/HDL design from SOC/FPGA specification based on technological accumulation, hardware/software cooperated verification environment construction, verification service, daughter card development, FPGA mapping and built-in system software development. Otherwise, we are also developing portable application for iPhone, Android.
  • Adopting local engineers good at English, can directly communication with customer by English. We will use IT tool such as Skype, WEB project management in addition to the weekly progress report etc., and secure smooth communications with customers.
  • We can receive documents related to the specification for which the customer created in Japanese .We employed a Japanese, English bilingual staff  in the locale, and she can translate that documents into English.
  • Local engineers is acquiring the system development technology using UML, securing the quality  by persisting in the development review by the UML mark from the requirements analysis in the each stage of work over the design, mounting, and the test.
2. Import and sale large-scale FPGA boards

We import and sale PCI board equipped with large-scale FPGA of The Dini Group. It is possible to use as ASIC emulator.

3. Import and sale EDA software

We have deep experience and knowledge of  software tools related to EDA. We started sale high efficient Verilog simulator SuperFin of SimFintronic USA, Inc.

1. Web Design

Our Web designers have the experience and knowledge to maximize the potential of your site by attracting the Web user and enhancing their experience on line. Our Web designers create fast loading, high quality, and eye-catching graphics so that the user will find what he or she needs, where and when it is needed. A Web site design, also known as Web page design, can be created with the most highly advanced technologies; but at the same time not be functional. Usability is a critical aspect of your Web site’s design.

2. E-Commerce Web Development

Our designers are trained in motivating your customer to buy from your e-commerce Web site. Our backend solutions are crucial in the keeping your Web business profitable. We provide numerous tools — that fit within your budget — to increase productivity and efficiencies of your operations.

3. Data base development design

Our structured database development design might include:

Requirements analysis: A document that defines the actual requirements of the software including business rules, user interfaces, navigation, reporting, and software integration definitions.

Process flow: We prefer to document process flow and use cases using UML and other advanced software definition tools. The resulting design shows each software requirement and its relationship to other components of the custom database application.

Database definition: Before database development or database programming can start, it is important to have an accurate database design and a document listing actual data requirements, database table contents, index structures, and table relationships. A normalized database is essential for high reliability, high performance, and database application development. The database design may also include stored procedure, database triggers, and referential integrity specifications. This document is especially important for custom database software development projects.

User interface: A definition of the user interface requirements containing screen layouts, data elements, sequence of entry, and error reporting requirements. In a custom database, software design the interface may also specify fonts, colors, and screen organization to create a seamless appearance when joined with other web pages or business software applications.

Reporting requirements: The database design should also include details of reports and queries required by the software application. In addition to actual report content, should also contain special requirements such as print preview and any specialized output such as PDF, HTML, etc. Internet software applications may also contain special requirements for document transport and internet security.

4. Medical image processing application design and development

Our developed application enables quantitative analysis and visualization of medical images.

It also segmentation and tracing to detect the medical objects to support the physician get good diagnostic information.


Applistar has been developing with mobile platform since the first release of iOS and Android platform. As seeing a lot of potential features that attractive the most of mobile users nowadays. Profession on technical advance and design expertise, Applistar provide the high level of games, application that challenge users both on looking interface and on logic solving.

We are on the way to top of Apps Store.

1. iPhone / iPad Software Development

Applistar’s team of iPhone experts have very good knowledge-rich experience in iPhone / iPad application development, and our deep expertise comes as much from experience as from passion.

Our highly skilled team of iPhone / iPad programmers can deliver a unique and attractive iPhone / iPad application. We can help you with iPhone services:

  • iPhone custom application development services
  • iPhone custom software development services
  • iPhone games and entertainment development services
  • Utilities and productivity development services
iPhone Experience

Some of our success projects on app store are Secret In Dream, Voicemorph Pro, Private wall, Jungle Adventure…

To discuss how we can help you, please contact us on or call + 84 4 37876331

iPhone Technologies

Applistar’s team of iPhone developers have good experience and knowledge in iPhone application development using iPhone and iPhone-supported technologies, and all the inbuilt features.

  • Objective-C, Xcode
  • iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Cocos2D, Box2D
  • GPS positioning/location
  • Web services/Soap/XML

To discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on or call + 84 4 37876331

2. Android Software Development

Android is open platform, and we try to make out best to open it more easy and convenience to users. We specialize in working with the Android Development kit, making use of the Java Programming language and running in a virtual machine on a custom Linux kernel. Android is a multitasking and multithreaded environment, so developers have significant control over things like an application’s appearance and ultimate capabilities.

Our most success game JA in iOS will be ported to Android soon, and satisfy all of our users.

Applistar has creative team of 50+ mobile developers and Graphics design whose only aim to build the most beautiful, attractive and challenge our users in the world.


SNS stand for Social Networking Service, the other online service Applistar focus on.

We has been deploying and integrate desktop application, mobile applications with most of popular SNS network like Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Linkedln. etc…

We also help the customer to build their own SNS services. As part of development and deploying OpenPNE, ( the Social Networking Service Engine written in PHP ), we are here to extend with various features ( friend control, friend invitation, diary, blog feeds, message box, etc ) to match our customer needs.

We also help to determine the performance , scalability, of the SNS services, with provide maintaining, update, and network security.

If SNS on your mind, take a forward step and contact us, we will help to deliver all the information and starting point method.