• 240-pin uDIMM compatible module with RLDRAM II
  • Micron Reduced Latency DRAMs (RLDRAM)
    • 8 devices, each 64Meg x 9bits (with 8 bits used)
    • MT49H64M9BM
    • 512 Mbytes total


The DNuDIMM_RLDRAMII is a SODIMM module that can be installed in a 240-pin DDR3 uDIMM socket. This module contains eight RLDRAMs chips in a 64M x 64-bit configuration for a total of 512 megabytes.

This module is stuffed with the eight of the Micron MT49H64M9BM. All the features of RLDRAM-style DRAM can be realized including non-multiplex addressing, double data rate clocking, and dramatically reduced data latencies. The target frequency of operation is TBD MHz.

The DNuDIMM_RLDRAMII is compatible with the 240-pin uDIMM DDR3 sockets on theDNMEG_V6HXT,    DNPCIe_10G_HXT_LL, DNV7F1A