Observation Daughter Card for DINAR1 Expansion connectors

  • Adjustable I/O voltages via on-board regulators.
    • 3 separate banks individually configurable to +1.2V to +1.8V
  • Status LEDs:
    • Power: +12V, +3.3V, +2.5V
    • 8 user-controlled via FPGA pin
  • Two Mictor connectors: 34 single-ended signals each
  • Two 40-pin dual row IDC headers
    • 19 single-ended signals
    • +1.8V
  • Two 8-pin single row headers
    • 8 single-ended signals
    • +3.3V
  • Differential external clocks input via SMAs
  • Differential external clocks output via SMAs
  • 4 position DIP switch
    • 1 position with LED
  • Linear regulator for setting I/O bank voltage
    • 1 per bank (total of 3)


The DINAR1_OBS is an expansion card that adds a variety of standard interfaces to any DINAR1 expansion connector. This expansion card is targeted for use on Xilinx Virtex-7 series products from DINI Group. The DINAR1_OBS has two Mictor connectors, two 40-pin IDC connectors, and a 4-position DIP switch. In addition, two 8-pin single-row IDC connectors are translated, allowing input/output up to +3.3V. Eight LEDs can be controlled via FPGA pins on the host card. Linear regulators provide the reference voltage for the 3 FPGA banks on the hosting card.

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