Godzilla’s Shaker

DINAR1 to FMC HPC (VITA 57.1) Active Transposer
With Kintex-7 FPGA

  • DINAR1_K7_FMC-HPC is an active transposer card that bridges, using an FPGA, the signals between a DINAR1 expansion connector and a high pin count FMC (VITA 57.1) card:
    • A/Ds, DACs
    • Serial connectivity
    • Image Processing
    • Interface peripherals/debug
    • And others.
  • Compatible with all DINAR1 positions on the DNV7F4A, DNV7F2A, DNV7F1A
    • Non hosted, stand-alone operation supported with external power supply.
  • Active FPGA Interface: Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA (FBG900) :
    • 7K410T-3,-2,-2L (fastest to slowest)
    • 7K325T-3,-2,-2L
    • 3M ASIC gates (ASIC measure) when stuffed with Kintex-7 7K410T
      • 254k flip-flop/6-input LUTs (708k total FFs)
      • 3.578 Kbytes total FPGA block memory (1590, 18 kbit blocks)
      • 1540, 25x18 multipliers
  • Dual SEARAY GTP Expansion headers, 6-lanes with option for 8-lanes
    • Cable option for connection to the SEARAY GTP Expansion headers on host board.
    • PCIe, CX4, 8 SFP+ sockets or custom
  • 8 DIP switches
  • 8 bi-color LEDs (green/red)
  • Noninvasive debug via FPGA register readback: DN_Readbacker
  • FMC reference design interfaces, in Verilog, included.