Converts two, 400-pin, DINAR1 Expansion connectors into FPGA to FPGA interconnect

  • 75 pairs of length matched LVDS or 150 signals single-ended
  • LEDs indicate status for resets, power rails, and VCC voltages
  • VccI/O regulators
  • Topside, Dual 400-pin, connectors for DINAR1_Obs Observation Daughter card


The DINAR1_Intercon is a daughter card that bridges the expansion signals between two 400-pin DINAR1 expansion connectors, adding 75 pairs of LVDS signals for FPGA to FPGA interconnect. At a lower frequency, the 75 pairs can be used as 150 signal-ended signals. Linear regulators needed to drive the VccI/O voltages are provided, along with several LEDs for power presence and reset activity. The expansion board is compatible with applicable DINAR1 connectors on the following Virtex-7 based products: DNV7F2A,  DNV7F4A.

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