• DINAR1_FMC-LPC is a transposer card that bridges the signals between a DINAR1 expansion connector and a low pin count FMC card:
    • A/Ds
    • DACs
    • Serial connectivity
    • Image Processing
    • Interface peripherals/debug
    • Et al.
  • Compatible with all DINAR1 positions on the DNV7F4A, DNV7F2A, and DNV7F1A


The DINAR1_FMC-LPC is passive transposer card that hosts a low pin count FMC card on a DINAR1 expansion connector. The DINAR1_FMC-LPC can be used on the following DINI Group Xilinx Virtex-7 products: DNV7F4A, DNV7F2A, and DNV7F1A

As far as compatibility, FMC is a troublesome standard, so we will need to look at the FMC card you intend to use on a case by case basis. Contact us at the factory for help.

Complete compatibility with FMC, both in the high pin count and low pin-count versions can be had using this active card: DINAR1_K7_FMC-HPC.

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