• Add two 4-lane Infiniband/CX4 connectors to your SEAM-equipped Dini Group board
    • Infiniband, XAUI for 10GBASE-CX4, etc.
  • Optional Si534 or Si598 oscillators for REFCLK generation
  • Made of 100% Awesome


The DNSEAM_CX4 breaks out a DNSEAM connector (like on the DNV6F6 and DN2076K10) to a pair of 4-lane Infiniband-style connectors. This allows implementation of X4 infiniband and 10GBASE-CX4 on select Dini Group products. This card can (optionally) be equipped with Si534 or Si598 DSPLLs to generate virtually any clock frequency for the GTX REFCLK inputs.

Top view
Bottom view