Daughtercard form-factor
Virtex-5T Based

ASIC Prototyping Engine

  • Daughter Card with Xilinx Virtex-5T FPGA (FFG1136):
    • Choose any of the following FPGAs:
      • LX50T, LX85T, LX110T, LX155T
      • FX70T, FX100T
      • SX50T, SX95T
    • 100% FPGA resources available for user application
  • Nearly 934k ASIC gates (LSI measure) with LX155T
  • DDR2 SODIMMs (200MHz)
    • 64-bit data width, 250MHz operation
    • PC2-3200/PC2-4200
    • Addressing/power to support 4GB in each socket
    • DDR2 Verilog/VHDL reference design provided (no charge)
    • DDR2 SODIMM data transfer rate: 25.6Gb/s
    • Alternate pin compatible memory cards available (consult factory for availability):
      • QDR SSRAM, FLASH, SSRAM, RLDRAMI/II, Mictor, USB PHY, et al.
  • Flexible, abundant clock resources
    • 3 board-level clocks configurable clocks based on the Si5326
    • 2 stuffable low-jitter fixed oscillators
    • 2 external differential clock inputs Mount to DINI products with 400-pin MEG-Array connectors
    • 93 LVDS pairs + clocks (or 186 single-ended)
    • 450MHz on all signals with LVDS (slower when used single-ended)
    • Reset, presence detect
    • Pin multiplexing to/from motherboard using ISERDES/OSERDES and LVDS (up to 10x)
  • Fast and Painless FPGA configuration with integrated EEPROM
  • RS232 port for embedded uP debug
  • Full support for embedded logic analyzers via JTAG interface
    • ChipScope, ChipScope Pro and other third party solutions
  • Gigabit serial I/O interfaces using GTP transceivers:
    • 4 Small form factor (SFP) modules
    • 1x, 2x, 4x Fibre Channel
    • 1G Ethernet
    • XAUI
    • SMA connectors for off-board cabling to 4 TX/RX channels
    • PCI Express
    • SATA
    • Serial RapidI/O
    • Aurora
    • Samtec QSE connector for off-board cabling of channels of rocketI/O
      • SX95T, FX70T, FX100T, LX110T, LX155T ONLY
    • Infiniband connector
    • Clocking options for all standard serial communication protocols
    • Ability to use embedded Ethernet MAC with SFP and SMA connectors.
  • Enough status LEDs to befuddle an armadillo