Flash Socket Expansion Daughter Card

  • 400-pin Meg-Array Expansion Daughter card
    • Compatible with all DN9000 and DN7000-series ASIC prototyping boards
  • 4, 48-pin FLASH memory (via 48-pin TSOP sockets)
    • Mictor MT29F64G08TAAWP
    • 2 mictor connectors for visibility to all FLASH signals:
      • Address/Data/Control
    • Addressing/power to support 8GB in each socket
      • Maximum of 32GB total
  • Compatible with all ONFI 2.0 Flash Memory
  • DDR2 SODIMM (200-pin)
    • 64-bit data width, PC2-5300
    • Addressing/power to support 8GB in each socket
      • Maximum of 32GB total
    • DDR2 Verilog/VHDL reference design provided (no charge)
    • DDR2 SODIMM data transfer rate: xxx Gb/s
    • Alternate pin compatible memory cards available:
      • SSRAM, DDR3, DDR1, IDC interconnect, SDRAM DRAM,
      • FLASH, USB PHY, mobile SDRAM, and others


The DNMEG_SODIMM_4FLASH is a daughter card intended to add four Micron FLASH memories and a DDR2 SODIMM to any expansion slot on an FPGA board from The Dini Group. A 48-pin TSOP socket is used, allowing the FLASH memories to be programmed by an off-the-shelf FLASH programmer. The Micron MT29F64G08TAAWP is the target FLASH device, but connections are provided to allow the use of almost any FLASH chip in a 48-pin TSOP package and also ONFI 2.0 Flash Memory. The interface to all FLASH memories is easily debugged using a logic analyzer cabled to two mictor connectors. The two mictors are connected to all four of the FLASH memory address, data, clock, and control signals.


A DDR2 SODIMM socket is used. The socket is tested to xxx Mhz with a DDR2 SODIMM. Standard, off-the-shelf DDR2 memory DIMMs (PC2-5300) work nicely and we can provide these for a small charge. We have developed alternative SODIMMs that can be stuffed into these positions. Consult the factory for more details, but the list includes FLASH, SSRAM, QDR SSRAM, RLDRAM I/II, SDR SDRAM, mictors, DDR1, DDR3, and

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