DNMEG_Mictor Diff

DNMEG_Mictor Diff
Dini Group MEG Array
Differential Mictor Daughtercard

  • Adjustable I/O voltages via on-board regulators.
    • 3 separate banks individually configurable to +1.5V to +3.3V
  • Power status LEDS: +12V, +5V, +3.3V
  • 400-pin MEG Array Connector
  • Six Full Mictor connectors with Differential (non-AMP) Pinout: 12 differential pairs or 24 single ended signals each
  • Three Full Mictor connectors with Differential (non-AMP) Pinout: 7 differential pairs or 14 single ended signals each
  • Two External clocks: GCA and GCB (SMAs)
    • Input to motherboard for externally applied clock or
    • Monitoring clocks from motherboard
  • External clock input GCC
    • Resistor selectable source:
      • On-board oscillator
      • SMAs


The DNMEG_Mictor_Diff daughter card is a solution for connecting you Dini Group board to a differential (read: NON-AMP) mictor interface. The PCB is routed for maximum differential throughput and the connectors pinned out to minimize crosstalk between pairs.

The card has nine mictors, six of which are fully populated and three of which are partially filled.Cables can be attached to these connectors for communication to/from off-board peripherals. Three separate linear regulators can be configured via resistors to control the I/O voltage (+1.5V to +3.3V) of the host FPGA bank. An on-board oscillator enables clock generation and routing back to the host board.

This board is compatible with all DN9000K10 series boards.

If you are interested in using source-synchronous clocking, mention this on your PO and we will tell you which variant of this daughter card is more applicable to your situation.

Note: This board is not intended to be used with a logic analyzer. It is for connecting to a high-speed differential interface by using one or more Mictor cables. It is NOT compatible with the standard AMP pinout!

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