Flash Socket Expansion Daughter Card

  • Meg-Array Daughter card that adds an interface to:
    • 48-pin TSOP FLASH memory (via socket)
      • Micron MT29F64G08TAAWP
    • (OR) Micron mobile SDRAM
      • MT48LC8M16LFB4
    • Compatible with all ONFI 2.0 Flash Memory
    • Capacity of 8GB available as of 2008, consult Micron website for latest, largest TSSOP Flash
  • Compatible to all DN9000 and DN7000-series FPGA boards
  • 2 mictor connectors for visibility to all FLASH/SDRAM signals:
    • Address/Data/Control
  • 3, 40-pin shrouded IDC connectors
    • 51 signals of single-ended TTL to external peripherals via ribbon cable
  • 68-pin 'SCSI-style' connector
    • 32 pairs of cabled LVDS via standard SCSI cables


The DNMEG_FLASHSOCKET is a daughter card intended to add a single Micron FLASH to any expansion slot on FPGA boards from The DINI Group. A 48-pin TSOP socket is used, allowing the FLASH memory to be programmed by an off-the-shelf FLASH programmer. The Micron MT29F64G08TAAWP is the target FLASH device, but connections are provided to enable the use of almost any FLASH chip in a 48-pin TSOP package. With the FLASH socket left empty, a Micron Mobile SDRAM (MT48LC8M16LFB4) can be stuffed. This is a factory option, so please tell us how you would like this product configured when ordering.

The interface to either memory type is easily debugged using a logic anyalyzer via connections to two mictors. The two mictors are connected to all of the memory's address, data, clock, and control signals.

A 68-pin SCSI-style connector has 32-pairs of LVDS signals which can be used for high-speed data transfer to/from another peripheral. Standard, off-the-shelf SCSI cables work fine.

Three 40-pin, shrouded IDC connectors have 51 signals, allowing peripheral connections using standard 40-pin ribbon cable.

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