iPASS Connectors

  • Extends PCIe busses using iPASS cabling
    • 8-lanes PCIe, GEN2
    • Jitter Attenuators
    • Rebuffering drivers
    • Up to 2 meters of cabled separation
  • Master/Peripheral PCIe prototyping


DNPCIe_CBL_GEN2 is a set of two circuit boards. The main purpose is to use the two cards to seamlessly extend a GEN2, 8-lane PCIe slot up to 2 meters. This is depicted in figure X ‘Remote Cabled PCIe DNV6F6PCIe‘. One circuit board has a PCIe slot, and the other has PCIe fingers. The 'Finger' card is plugged into the PCIe slot that you wish to extend on the host computer. 'iPASS' cables are attached to this card and connected to the 'Slot' in the peripheral chassis. The PCIe card you want to use remotely is plugged into the 'Slot' card.

The 'Finger' card is also central to our method of GEN2 PCIe prototyping when used in combination with the DNMEG_V5T_PCIe.

Figure X Remote Cabled PCIe DNV6F6PCIe

Remote Cabled PCIe DNV6F6PCIe

DNPCIe_CBL_GEN2 Finger card

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