DDR2-Socket Compatible

  • DDR2, 200-pin SODIMM compatible with all SODIMM-equipped Dini products
  • Available in the following configurations:
    • 4 chips – 8Mx18 SSRAMs (GS8128418GB-200V)
    • 8 chips – 8Mx18 SSRAMs (GS8128418GB-200V)
  • Pipeline or flowthrough (withGS8128418GB-200V)


The DNSODM200_SSRAMx4 is a SODIMM module that can be installed in a 200-pin DDR2 SODIMM socket. This module contains four SSRAMs chips in a 8M x 18 configuration (GS8128418GB-200V) or eight chips in a 8M x 18 (GS8128418GB-200V).

Stuffed with the GSI Technology GS8128418GB-200V, the DNSODM200_SSRAMx4 is configured in ‘pipeline’ mode. The frequency of operation is 200MHz(GS8128418GB-200V).

The DNSODM200_SSRAMx4 is compatible with the 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 sockets on all SODIMM socket equipped Dini products.

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