DDR2-Socket Compatible SSRAM Module (1M x 64) / (2M x 64)

  • DDR2, 200-pin SODIMM compatible with all SODIMM-equipped Dini products
  • Available in the following configurations:
    • 2 chips – 2Mx32 SSRAMs (16 Mbytes total with GS8640V32)
    • 2 chips – 1Mx32 SSRAMs (8 Mbytes total with GS8320V32)
  • Pipeline or flowthrough (with GS8640V32/GS8320V32)
  • Resistor selectable
  • NoBL (ZBT™) flowthrough when stuffed with Cypress CY7C1442AV25/CY7C1471V25


The DNSODM200_SSRAM is a SODIMM module that can be installed in a 200-pin DDR2 SODIMM socket. This module contains two SSRAMs chips in a 2M x 64 configuration for a total of 16 megabytes (GS8640V32) or 1M x 64 for a total of 8 megabytes (GS8320V32).

Stuffed with the GSI Technology GS8320V32 or GS8640V32, the DNSODM200_SSRAM is configured in ‘pipeline’ mode. ‘Pipelined’ mode is selectable via a resistor. The GS8320V32/GS8640V32 have an internal 2-bit counter for bursting and the addresses can be linear or interleaved. The minimum frequency of operation of 133MHz(GS8320V32) and stuffing options up this frequency to 300MHz (GS8640V32) (with a higher lead-time).

No Bus Latency (NoBL™) or ZBT operation is possible with the Cypress CY7C1442AV25/CY7C1471V25.

The DNSODM200_SSRAM is compatible with the 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 sockets on all SODIMM socket equipped Dini products.

Click here to see the compatibility chart for DNSODM products

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