iPASS Connectors

  • 8-lane GEN1 PCIe Cable Interface for Dini Group products
    • Uses Molex iPASS PCI Express cables
    • Downstream module installs into system; upstream model hosts a PCIe board
    • Implements all side band signals according to PCI-SIG PCI Express Cable specification
  • Allows Connection of Dini Group PCIe products to host system via PCIe Cable Interface
    • Host PCIe baseboards (DN9000K10PCIe-8T and others) remotely for ease of testing and probing
    • Use DNMEG_V5T_PCIe as a host or a peripheral system
  • Compatible Products
    • DN7006K10PCIe-8T
    • DN9000K10PCIe-8T
    • DN9200K10PCIe-8T
    • DN9002K10PCIe-8T
    • DNMEG_V5T_PCIe


The DNPCIe_CBL is a solution for hosting Dini Group systems outside a PC chassis via a GEN1 PCIe interface. This approach allows ease of access to the board for probing, testing, and peripheral attachment while retaining the ultra-fast 8-lane PCIe interface. The DNPCIe_CBL also allows the use of a DNMEG_V5T_PCIe as either a PCIe host (hosting a peripheral system) or as a PCIe peripheral (interfacing to an upstream system, such as a PC).

The DNPCIe_CBL comes in two halves. The downstream side plugs into a host PC like a regular PCIe card. The upstream side hosts a PCI Express peripheral board. The two sides connect together via one or two 4-lane Molex iPASS cables. All sideband signals are implemented across the cable with voltage isolation, as described in the PCI-SIG PCI Express Cable Specification. The DNPCIe_CBL allows 1-lane, 4-lane, or 8-lane operation.

DNPCIe_CBL Downstream

DNPCIe_CBL Upstream

DNPCIe_CBL Upstream connected to DNPCIe_CBL Downstream

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