• One Intel Strataflash memory PE28F256P30 (x16)
  • Two Micron Mobile SDRAM MT48H32M16LF (x16)
  • One Mictor connector on Flash address and data bus
  • One Serial PROM (up to 512Kb)
  • Address and Data busses for chips are chaotically multiplexed (for your inconvenience!)


The DNSODM200_SE is a SODIMM module, compatible with all 200-pin DIMM slots on Dini Group products. The module contains one 256Mb flash and two 32Mb module SDRAM chips. Also, an EPROM socket can hold a serial prom with densities up to 512Kb.

The DNSODM200_SE is compatible with all Dini Group products equipped with DDR2-SODIMM sockets.

Click here to see the compatibility chart for DNSODM products

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