• Four 2mm headers
  • Differential or Single-ended signaling
  • 1.8V (default) signal levels. 2.5 or 3.3 is possible-contact support.
  • Compatible with all Dini Group boards.
  • Can be used to cable multiple SODIMMs or boards together.


The DNSODM200_INTERCON is a SODIMM module compatible with all “DDR2″ SODIMM slots on Dini Group products. This module provides up to 122 signals on 2mm headers for access. The signals can be used single-ended or differential. Termination resistors are provided to allow the use of standard IDC cabling.

The DNSODM200_MICTOR is compatible with all Dini Group products equipped with DDR2-SODIMM sockets.

Click here to see the compatibility chart for DNSODM products

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