DDR2-Socket Compatible Flash Module (8M x 32)

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(FLASH chips appear to be obsolete!)

  • DDR2, 200-pin SODIMM compatible with all SODIMM-equipped Dini products
  • 2 – 8M x 16 Flash memory chips (Spansion S71WS128NB0BFWAN0-LF)
    • Chips arranged as 8M x 32
    • Each chip contains 2M x 16 SRAM


The DNSODM200_FLASH is a SODIMM module that can be installed in a 200-pin DDR2 SODIMM socket. This module contains two SpansionTM Flash chips (S71WS128NB0BFWAN0-LF) in a 8M x 32 configuration for a total of 32 megabytes of FLASH memory. SSRAM (2M x 32) is also provided on the same address/data pins via a separate chip select.

All FLASH and SSRAM functions of the S71WS128NB0BFWAN0-LF are available, including burst read at 66MHz, secured sectors, 64 customer-lockable words, and 64 factory-lockable words. Up to 1 million sectors erase cycles are guaranteed.

The DNSODM200_FLASH is compatible with all Dini Group products equipped with DDR2-SODIMM sockets. Reference designs in both verilog and VHDL are provided.

Click here to see the compatibility chart for DNSODM products

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