Voice Morph Pro

Have you ever imagined that how your voice will be if it turns into other sound like Cat, Dog, Old Radio or Demon….
Well, now you can get it with this application.

Just say something into your iPhone and there are 22 morph selections to make your sound become more creative and very fun!
There are some cool selections like clown, dog, squirrel, cat… There are also some ridiculous selections like Burp, Fart, Helium, Robot…
Even it will make your man’s voice become a woman’s voice or a Ghost sound….
Yeahhhh, there are many many selections.

Oh, did i mention that you can turn your voice into sweet Synthesizer sound ♫ …♫ and you can add the rain rhythm… playing with your voice.

So, just create the funny sound by yourself and share it by Email, TW, FB with your friend!